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If you want to make smart decisions, you need the right information.
You need ...
  • facts to improve your work?

  • ​stakeholder analyses or market analyses for your non-profit organization?

  • more information about your target groups?

  • policy field analyses?

  • feasibility studies?

My research service...
  • gives you the information you need for your work.

  • provides you the missing facts you need to make decisions.

  • analyses existing information.

  • is individual and based on questions developed together with you.

  • prepares information in a structured way so that you can use it easily, with specific recommendations for action if required.

  • policy fields

  • market data non-profit sector

  • media data  

  • target group definitions

  • and much more

Topics ...
  • evaluation of existing information and data

  • database research

  • evaluation of media reports

  • internet research

  • collection of acquired data (using methods of qualitative and quantitative social research, e.g. expert and stakeholder interviews, surveys, content analyses) etc.

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