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As a communication and political scientist, I advise non-governmental organizations, associations, public authorities, foundations, and non-profit organizations of all kinds. My text editing is also open to students and PhD candidates.

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I will help you to develop the right strategy, to achieve your newly set goals - with holistic, tailor-made concepts, for your communication activities and your whole organization.

I help you find the right words, plan studies and prepare them textually so that you can bring well-founded facts to politics and the public. I offer advice and editing for theses and dissertations for students and PhD candidates.

I will provide you with the facts you need to prepare and successfully carry out new projects. I prepare information in such a way that you can use it optimally.

I evaluate the work of your organizations - from individual projects to public relations to the entire organization. Evaluations are irreplaceable. Only those who constantly reflect on and systematically evaluate their work can improve and achieve their goals. 

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