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LFA Group: learning for action 

Evaluation for the Ashoka Foundation and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (Ashoka's News & Knowledge Fellows)

University of Hamburg

Data collection, data analysis, accreditation report, conception of university marketing for the Erasmus Mundus program 

European Commission - Research Executive Agency 

Evaluation, Horizon 2020 Germany 

Organisational consultation, editing of publications, Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz

Friedrich Ebert Foundation

Research, studies, moderation of events, editing for publications

Hamburg State Parliament 

School Development Commission, Inquiry report

German Wildlife Foundation

Public Relation

Deutsche Welle

Strategic planning, evalaution


Evaluation for the Omidyar Network

Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen e.V.  (Independent Institute for Environmental Issues) 
Greenpeace Germany 
Council of Europe, Summer University for Democracy 
University Sports Hamburg 
Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportverband (General German University Sports Association) (adh) 
Federal Ministry of Education and Research Germany 
University of Siegen 
Hamburg State Parliament, President 
Kreissportverband Stormarn (District Sports Association Stormarn)  
Harburg district office, press and public relations 

Regional Education Conference Hamburg (RBK) 
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung  (Federal Agency for Civic Education) 
Bonner Akademie für Forschung und Lehre praktischer Politik (Bonn Academy for Research and Teaching of Practical Politics) (BAPP) 
Goethe-Institute Salvador/Bahia (Instituto Cultural Brasil Alemanha) 
Akademie der Wissenschaften in Hamburg (Academy of Sciences in Hamburg) 
Hans Böckler Foundation 
Konrad Adenauer Foundation 
Atlantic Academy 
Museum for Communication Frankfurt


and other

University teaching

Substitute for the junior professorship "International Comparative Media Systems Research" at the University of Hamburg, Institute for Political Science

Lecturships at the University of Hamburg at the Institute for Journalism and Communication Studies, for the Erasmus Mundus study programme "Journalism and Media within Globalization" and the Institute for Political Science  

Universidad Católica in Santiago de Chile, Erasmus Mundus Lecturer Exchange


University of Amsterdam, LLP/ SOCRATES Teaching Assignment  


Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Masters in Political Communication  


Macromedia University for Media and Communication Hamburg 

Public lectures, panel discussions

Conception and moderation of the discussion series "Digital Public Sphere / Digital Change" of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation in Hamburg, since 2013  

ECREA - European Communication Research and Education Association, Conference 2022, Aarhus, Danmark - Vortrag “Digital Activism – Online-Petitions as Tools of Political Agency and Individual Media Practice” –

Conference of the Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of the Petitions Committees of the Federal Parliament and the State Parliaments, Wiesbaden 2022 - Lecture "Online petitions as a form of political participation in digital civil society".


Petitions Working Group SPD Bundestag Caucus, Berlin 2022 - Presentation "Online petitions as a form of participation in digital civil society".


IAMCR - International Association for Media and Communication Research - Online-Conference 2021 - Lecture "Digital Activism - Initiators of online-petitions, their motivation, aims and experience"

Annual Conference of the Institute for Social Movement Studies (IPB) "Hashtags, Tweets, Protest - Social Movements in the Digital Age" Berlin 2019 - Conception and moderation of the discussion panel "Web-centric hybrid campaigns - more than post-democratic click activism?" with Ansgar Lahmann (, Günther Metzges-Diez (Campact), Lisa Villioth (University of Siegen), Mundo Yang (University of Siegen)

International workshop "Understanding and Examining the Digital Advocacy Pioneers" Portsmouth, England 2018 - Lecture (together with Lisa Villioth) "Beyond Slacktivism: Unfolding the Hybridity of Web-Centered Campaigns"

Social Talk 2016 - "Crowds, Movements & Communities?! - Potentials and challenges of management in networks" at the Institute for Future Issues in Health and Social Economy (IZGS) of the Evangelische Hochschule Darmstadt (EHD), November 2016 - Lecture "Shitstorm, E- Petitions, Clicktivism - Social Movement on the Net"

International Conference "Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies"Alghero, Sardinia 2015 - Lecture (together with Dr. Mundo Yang) "Four Evolving Types of Online Grassroots Campaigning in Germany"

International Workshop "The New Politics of Lifestyles. Consumer Participation On-/Offline" University of Siegen 2014 - Lecture "Web based Campaigns as New Forms of Participation"


Forum Non-Profit Schomerus & Partner 2014 - Lecture "Voluntary Commitment in the Age of the Internet"

Simpósio Internacional Brasil-Alemanha sobre Política e Interent "Participação Social e Transparência Pública no Mundo Digital", Salvador de Bahia, Brazil 2013 - Lecture "E-Participation - Opportunities and Risks of Civic Engagement"


Councilors Round - Economic Forum Rostock 2013 - Lecture "Old and New Media in Democracy - How
is Political Communication Changing?"


re:campaign Berlin 2013 - Lecture "E-Participation for NGOs - Opportunities and Risks Online"

re:publica Berlin 2013 - panel discussion "1 million petitions -- are we really protesting online?" with Judith Orland (Oxfam), Felix Kolb (Campact) and Markus Winkler (WWF)  


Evangelical Academy of the North Church, Hamburg 2013 - Lecture "Politics wants to be communicated"

Conference "Internet & Participation", Hamburg 2012 - conference concept and conference management, introductory lecture on the topic, specialist lecture on grassroots campaigning as civil society participation

UC / ICA Latin American Conference, Santiago, Chile 2012 - "Trends in International and Latin American Communication Research" Theme axes number 4. "Communication, organization and society" - Lecture "Online protest – How the internet changed grassroots campaigning"

Council of Europe 2011 - Lecture "Internet & Grassroots - Online communication and democratic development." 

Conference "PR and journalism - between confrontation and cooperation", Hamburg 2011 - Lecture "NGO-PR and newsworthiness"

and other

Pro bono

Rowing company Hansa, Hamburg  - Organizational consulting, press and public relations, member surveys, fundraising measures, rowing instructor for "rowing against cancer"  

​ Alumni University of Hamburg eV  - Lectures, rowing events





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