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Text Consultancy
Academic Editing

If you want to find the right words, you sometimes need the wise insight of an outsider.
For organisations, authorities, foundations and associations
You want to ...
  • plan a scientific study for your organization to gain well-founded facts for your topic that you can then introduce to politics and the public?

  • write well-structured and articulate texts for your studies that can be easily used for public relations?

  • prepare scientific facts in an comprehensible way in order to communicate them better?

  • your texts professionally proofread?

My consultancy ...
  • offers professional support in the conception and tendering of scientific studies in the social sciences.

  • helps you to create exposés to acquire third-party funding.

  • enables the optimal textual presentation of scientific results, so that you can use them easily for public relations.

  • supports you in writing articulate texts.

For students and PhD candidates
You want to ...
  • to plan your final thesis (Bachelor or Master) or dissertation (PhD), develop a good research question and find the adequate method?

  • write an exposé for applying for a scholarship?

  • successfully write your final thesis (Bachelor or Master) or PhD dissertation?

My consultancy ...
  • helps you to develop good research questions, find the right methodology and plan the project correctly before starting your Bachelor,  Master or PhD thesis.

  • offers support in structuring your research results and process supervision.

  • is aimed at students and doctoral candidates who feel that they have received insufficient advice from their supervisors or who would like to obtain an independent opinion on their research idea.

  • is aimed at people who are planning to do a PhD and/or want to apply for a scholarship and need an exposé for this.

  • supports you while you work on the thesis or dissertation.

My academic editing...
  • offers a look at the structure of your thesis, i.e. checking whether the work has a guiding thread and meets the requirements in terms of outline and structure.

  • checks the argumentation for logical coherence and comprehensibility.

  • reviews the scientific expression and the articulation of the text (for example, whether there are too many everyday language expressions, too many filler words or redundancies in both the choice of words and in the argumentation).

  • ensures standardization of spellings, abbreviations and labels

  • checks the citation according to the usual citation rules (APA, Harvard; Chicago etc.) as well as checking the bibliography and, if available, the list of tables and figures.

  • offers an individual agreement as to which aspects of the proofreading are important for you.

  • can be done before the text is submitted or during the writing phase.

  • but does not offer ghostwriting. You have to write the thesis, I'm just there to help you.

Text types and disciplines...
  • Scientific studies

  • Texts for websites and publications

  • Theses (bachelor, master) and dissertations (PhD)

  • Research proposal

  • Applications for scholarships and research funds

  • Journal articles and other academic publications

  • for all social science disciplines (political science, communication science, media studies, cultural studies, sociology, etc.) as well as for other disciplines upon consultation

  • for texts in German and English

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